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Gestaltertag 2018
Die Gestaltungstechnischen Assistenten/-innen des Pictorius Berufskollegs laden alle Interessierten zum „Gestaltertag“ unter dem Motto "DESIGNBLICK" ein. ...weiterlesen

Sprechtag am 22.03.2018
Für Schülerinnen und Schüler der Berufsschule und der Vollzeitschulform findet am 22.03.2018 ein Sprechtag statt ...weiterlesen

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Pictorius – Berufskolleg Coesfeld

A vocational college of engineering and design with many different types of courses

Pictorius-Berufskolleg is a German vocational college situated in Coesfeld, a small city near Münster in the north of Germany.

Our school specializes in teaching technical professions (e.g. mechanical engineering, information technology and design) to both A-level students and those seeking apprenticeships or further education. In doing so Pictorius-Berufskolleg plays an important role in the qualification of young people in the area.

At the moment, 1700 students are visiting our school and are being taught by 86 teachers.

Modern teaching areas and shop floors offer ideal conditions for our students in all subjects. Their education is job-related and state-of-the-art.

In many of the courses a period of practical training in a wide range of different companies is a major part of the education.

Regional industrial and commercial companies and workshops as well as private people closely cooperate with our school. Our school curriculum is flexible and responsive to the needs of industry and commerce.

Our college is named Pictorius. Pictorius and his two sons lived in the 17th and 18th century. They were important civil engineers and architects in our area at that time.

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